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Energy Conservation

We have reduced energy consumption through the installation of motion-activated LED lights, automated hand dryers, and programmed climate control. We also utilize electronic/paperless records as much as possible. For our customers, we accommodate and encourage the use of consolidated shipments and optimize delivery routes to use as little fuel as possible.


Waste Reduction

We minimize waste of packaging materials and re-use whenever appropriate. We have also discontinued the use of single-use plastic water bottles, replacing them with a reverse osmosis refill station. We recently created a "Green Team" in our Omaha office that is composed of volunteers to brainstorm ways to further reduce waste in all locations. 



We recycle all paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and steel through readily available recycling bins at all facilities. We also offer a drum recycling program to our customers. Our Green Team is also tasked with ensuring all materials are recycled appropriately, and whenever possible. 



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All operations are conducted in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. We urge our suppliers to comply with the same regulations in the regions they operate. We encourage the use of eco-friendly products and suppliers, and actively promote internal improvement initiatives relating ot environmental sustainability.

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